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    Do you know Green Roofs benefit?


    Do you know Green Roofs benefit?

    Green roof provides a new look to metropolitan life. It’s a man-made habitat that located on the roof space of the building. Besides the aesthetic benefits, roof plantings provide environmental, health and cost benefits.

    If we listed the benefits of green roof;

    • Improved water quality due to reduced storm water runoff and fewer overflows of combined sanitary and storm water sewage systems.

    • Increased habitat promoting biodiversity.

    • Lower temperatures for building roofs and the air above them in most climates.

    • Reduced energy consumption in some climates.

    • Improved sound absorption in the top floors of buildings.

    • Improved air quality.

    • Lower energy costs due to the cooling effect of plant respiration and the insulation, shading and thermal mass of the plant and soil layers.

    • A less frequent roof replacement schedule due to greater durability than conventional roofs.

    • Reduced storm water management costs.

    • The creation of job opportunities in roof installation and maintenance and in the emerging field of urban agriculture.

    Important point that obtain well insulation system when created the roofs.

    A green roof typically consists of the following components: an insulation layer, a waterproof membrane to protect the building from leaks, a root barrier to prevent roots from penetrating the waterproof membrane; a drainage layer, usually made of lightweight gravel, clay, or plastic; a geotextile or filter mat that allows water to soak through but prevents erosion of fine soil particles; a growing medium; plants; and, sometimes, a wind blanket.

    BAUMERK COMPANY always offers right solution to customer with human and environmental friendly innovative products.

    BAUMERK GREEN SERIES BITUMINOUS MEMBRANES; It is APP (Atactic Polypropylene) or SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) modified, special anti-root additives content, torchon plastomeric or elastomeric waterproofing membranes with non-woven spun bond polyester felt; both sides are coated with polyethylene film.

    BAUMERK DRAIN B; It is high density polyethylene (HDPE) based, plant roots and decay resistance drainage board to protect curtain walls against water and moisture by separated from the earth.

    BAUMERK GEOTEXTILE; It is a non-woven geotextile that produced needle punched technology and thermally treated as to be separator and protector material. GEOTEXTILE is produced short cut polyester or polypropylene staple fiber.

    For learning more about green roof insulation system, please contact with us.