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Ready to use, transparent, plaster surface primer.

Application Areas

  • Plaster and gypsum.
  • Limewhite.
  • Old plastic painted surface.
  • Gas concrete.


Applied as a primer on high porosity and absorptivity interior walls of buildings that the purpose of increasing adherence and reducing consumption of final layer paint and coating.

Surface Preparation

The surface should be cleaned out of dirt, grease, old loose or flaking materials. The old paints must be sanded and removed. PRIME-IN Acrylic Primer should be applied after removed dust.


PRIME-IN Acrylic Primer is ready to use and does not need to dilution. Primer should be applied as one layer with roller or brush. Paint application should be started at least 6 hours later, after the application of primer. During application the surface and ambient temperature should be between +5°C and +30°C. Protect from rain, freezing and continuous high humidity until completely dry.


0,080 - 0,120 L / m² for single coat


20 L / 5 L plastic drum

Storage and Shelf Life

Shelf life is 1 year in a cool place by protecting against frost and direct sun light in its unopened package.

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