We are Changing the Chemistry of the Building with our 30 Years of Experience in the Construction Chemicals Industry!

We work to add value to the construction industry with our different
types of products, which we have produced based on our experience in the
construction chemicals industry. We invite you to experience our
innovative products and system solutions that we have developed
with this principle.

30+ Years of Experience
with a Strong Vision

As BAUMERK Construction Chemicals, we have been keeping our work over 30 years, adding value to the construction industry globally and in Turkey.

Our company, enriching the ecosystem with its production processes in its 22,500 m² production facility, aims to meet the customers’ needs since its establishment

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Welcome to Baumerk Construction Chemicals!

Welcome to Baumerk Construction Chemicals, which offers you all kinds of services you are looking for under construction chemicals with a comprehensive product range and high customer satisfaction!

We have hundreds of construction chemical products, from waterproofing membranes to strong adhesives, from paint and coating groups to all kinds of solvent-free materials.

We are proud of the sales of customized building materials from 150 different products to more than 55 countries. As Baumerk Construction Chemicals, we aim to add value by prioritizing customer satisfaction with our pre-sales and after-sales services! ...

Be sure to examine all the products of our company, which has been serving the Turkish market for more than 20 years in the construction chemicals sector! Take a look at the construction chemicals products you may need in the construction field, and that will help you both economically and in terms of workforce, with Baumerk quality!

What Does Construction Chemicals Mean?

The auxiliary materials needed in the building are called construction chemicals. Construction chemicals, which are strong and highly durable formulations used with cement or concrete, have become a complementary part of the construction industry.

The construction industry is developing day by day worldwide and is one of the most critical factors that lead the construction chemicals industry to its growth path.

The demand for housing is increasing gradually. Large and multinational companies are starting to invest in construction chemicals with the increasing need for products. More importantly, working on creating durable products by developing different formulations gives ideas about the importance and potential of the sector.

Construction chemical products produced with the latest technology are stronger with the more durable formulations used instead of traditional products. It consists of hundreds of products that can meet your needs in many different areas.

Construction chemicals used in airports, aircraft hangars, hospital corridors, roofs, the junction of water pipes, parking lots, ceilings, and many other places, make our lives easier and, in a way, beautify them.

Its easy applicability and immediate reaction make it economically advantageous. Also, its high durability against abrasions and external pressures almost doubles or even triples the buildings’ life.

You can find all materials that form the basis of construction chemicals at Baumerk Construction Chemicals. We want to introduce you to our construction chemicals products with the guarantee of Baumerk Construction Chemicals, which has been in service for more than 20 years and is a pioneer in the sector.

Waterproofing Chemicals

We have many waterproofing products suitable for use in any area that is in contact with water or in the possibility of being found. Our waterproofing products with maximum waterproofing are effortless to use and are economical chemicals to apply without additional substances.

When mixed with cement, our waterproofing products make the applied area waterproof and protect constructions against salt attacks, flooding, or damage in high humidity areas.

Paint and Coating Product Group

The paint and coating group is where construction chemicals come to light more in construction. Unlike other groups, it is a product group that can be seen with the naked eye. Our paint and coating group, which we provide service within Baumerk Construction Chemicals, consists of reliable products with a wide choice.

Many of our products are enough to make buyers happy and satisfied with the features they contain.

In this product group, you will get a matte and rough surface with high coverage and high quality, high breathing ability, no crack, swell, and spill by providing perfect integration with the surface where it is applied, saving time and labor. Moreover, there are other features, such as being odorless, and they can be easily applied with a brushstroke.

Eco-Friendly: Baumerk Construction Products

One of the most trendy issues is the use of environmentally friendly products. Many environmentally sensitive construction owners prefer Baumerk Construction Chemicals! Our R&D department carefully researches each of our products produced with high technology.

Environmentally-friendly construction chemicals, waterproofing membranes, and every product in our paint and coating group are harmless. We know how much our children's future seems dark because of the increase in industrialization day by day and therefore the unavoidable air pollution.

With this understanding, we make the substances produced, and the chemical formulations developed at Baumerk Construction Chemicals a part of the environmentally friendly project. 

We should say that the most significant feature that distinguishes us from our competitors is producing environmentally friendly construction chemicals. We are developing our new products every day with the awareness of this vital issue.

Click here to contact Baumerk's well-equipped technical team, always ready for you to choose the most suitable one for your needs among our construction chemicals and other product groups!

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