Welcome to Baumerk Construction Chemicals!
Our company, which has been an active player in the Turkish construction chemicals market for more than 30 years and continuing its business activities since 2011 as BAUMERK Construction Chemicals, is preparing to enter global market with its highly-sought-after premium quality products. The company, whose product portfolio contains construction chemicals and bitumen-based membrane products, added construction paint products to its product range in 2015, uniting all the requirements of the construction market under a single brand. BAUMERK enriches its customers with wide array of unique and innovative products ranging from basic construction materials through customized products to system solutions under 20 different product groups contains up to 150 products.

The primary business focus of BAUMERK, which has set out on this path to “Change the Chemistry of the Structure”, is to provide top-quality service to more than 1000 customers in more than 55 countries, responds quickly and rapidly to customer demands and add value to its customers with tailored pre and after sales services. Investing in Research and Development activities conducted in a 22.500 m² production facility in Hadımköy, and providing a valuable technical support to its customers, BAUMERK stands out as a pioneering construction company that adds value to the Turkish and Global Construction Sector.