Self-Adhesive Membrane

Self-Adhesive Membrane


It is a bituminous, SBS and special additives content, highly flexible, self-adhesive and long-lasting waterproofing membrane with fiberglass or non-woven spunbond polyester felt that one side is covered with polyethylene film and other side has peelable polypropylene.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Surface Preparation

Application substrate should be cleaned off loose pieces, oil and other chemicals. Surface defects are repaired with the suitable REPAMERK repair mortars, corners are chamfered with PH 55 bitumen fillet tape. Surface must be clean and dry for obtaining well adhesion. Before the application B PR 100 Bitumen Primer is applied on concrete and after curing of primer, Self Membrane is adhered on dry surface.


Self Membrane is ready to use after peel off the film on it.

Self Membrane Technical Specifications


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