Our corporate website (the term “website” hereby shall refer to this site as well as the web sites of our business partners) uses cookies for various purposes such as to record and collect information on the user's browsing activity. Technical communication files, called cookies, are small text files that a website sends to a user's computer or mobile phone browser. Our aim here is to provide convenience to the user who visits our website and to enhance their browsing experience. By using cookies we intend to provide users personalized content and offer campaigns and advertising tailored to their interests and needs. In this context, Cookies can be used to show ads and campaigns that may be of interest to you visit our website and allow us to know whether or not you've seen an advert or a type of advert, for how long you have seen it and whether you have visited the site of the product or service. This allows us to offer the user a more personalized website to ensure that the user can enjoy a more rapid and faster browsing experience without being exposed to advertisements that may not interest him/her. Cookies are available on this site and on the sites of other partners who wish to use this application. Cookies are used to track, identify and process information regarding the site which the visitor leaves to log in on our website and which site he/she visits after leaving our site, the geographical location of the visitors, their reactions to the advertising banners on the site, the personal information that the visitor has voluntarily provided to our Site and business partners' websites, visitor preferences and browsing experiences on our website, social platforms and on the pages of our business partners. In addition cookies can also be used to acquire statistical information on the number of users visiting the Site, the browsing characteristics, behaviour, habits and frequency of visits, the countries of origin of the users visiting the site and so on. It is also possible to combine and process data acquired from different websites. The information which you provide while registering to our website and our business partners' sites may be collected and processed by the Site or business partners for the purposes set forth herein. Your personal data may also be acquired and processed through certain applications on social networking sites where you will be informed of the data to be processed for the application within the scope of your approval. It is possible for you to prevent the processing of your personal data within the framework you specify by not allowing the relevant application. In general, all Internet browsers are predefined to automatically accept cookies. If you do not consent, it is possible to block cookies through your browser. However, if you block cookies, you may not be able to use certain features on this Site, as with most sites. You have to check your browser settings to see if your browser allows you to manage cookies. Behavioral and personal data collected through cookies as explained above can be shared with business partners and third parties for the purposes set out in this policy. Our website may also provide links or access to other sites and content managed by third parties.

Our website does not have any authority to control or interfere with the content of the 3. party platforms. However the web site can use "plugins" from 3rd party platforms. The information acquired from users when they visit our website may be used by the 3rd Party platforms mentioned. If users visit our website while connected to their accounts on these platforms, the information collected through our website and 3rd Party platforms may be associated.

The user data collected for such purposes may be combined with the data provided by various customer satisfaction-oriented marketing programs owned by the website or business partners to which the user is affiliated. The purpose herein is to provide a personalized service within the scope of both this application and other marketing programs that you are a member of by recognizing the need of the user more closely. The combined data may be processed for the purposes and by the methods set forth herein and in the membership agreement of the relevant marketing program.

Personal data processed under this policy by our website or 3rd Parties may be shared with third parties from whom the website or by third parties receive services for the processing of this data, however to a limited extent for the purpose of receiving these services. Third parties from whom the services are procured may keep this data at homeland or abroad and allow transfers between them. All the above-mentioned practices/applications with respect to your personal data shall only be available upon approving the Submission Text prepared for this purpose and offered on the websites. Our website as well as business partners do not act for any purpose other than those specified here and which are not lawful.

Your personal data shall be protected with high priority and neither your credit card nor any payment information shall be requested in any circumstances whatsoever. This practice is revised in accordance with the legal regulations and updated as to fit in the form and scope determined by the law. The people whose personal data are processed under this policy have the right to learn whether their personal data are processed or not, information about the data processing process, the purpose of data processing and whether their personal data are used for their intended purpose, the third parties at home or abroad to whom the data is transferred and they further have the right to request correction in the event this data ara incomplete or inaccurate, to request the deletion or destruction of personal data in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the applicable legislation, to have the correction, deletion/ destruction processes to be notified to the third parties to whom they are transferred provided that it is not impossible nor requires a disproportionate effort, to raise an objection in the event that the processed personal data are analyzed exclusively through automated systems and the results are to the detriment of the user and file a claim for compensation in the event that their data is processed in violation of the relevant legislation and the users/visitors suffer harm/damage. Logging on to our website means that the visitor has provided consent to the use of cookies under this policy.