Cement-Acrylic Based, Two Component, Flexible Waterproofing Material for Negative-Positive Application - CHIMEX 235

Cement-Acrylic Based, Two Component, Flexible Waterproofing Material for Negative-Positive Application - CHIMEX 235



Cement and acrylic based, super elastic, two component, resistant to positive and negative water pressure waterproofing material with high crack bridging property.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application substrate must be dry, sound, mainly smooth, clean and fine pored. The application surface must be clear of materials which prevent bonding, such as oil, dust, paint, silicone, curing agents, detergents and paraffin wax. Weak parts of the concrete must be repaired, plasters that are not well adhered must be removed, the surface must be flat and sound, static cracks on the building must be repaired with a plaster containing LATEX or REPAMERK 301. Holes that have water outflow must be filled with WATERSHOCK. The surface must be saturated with water and must be kept moist during the application. Perpendicular corners should be beveled.

Application Method

Pour liquid Part B into a clean mixing container and slowly add powder Part A while mixing with a 400-600 rpm mixer. Continue mixing for at least 3-5 minutes until a homogenous and uniform mixture is obtained. Wait for 3-5 minutes and mix again for approximately 30 seconds and becomes ready to use. Prepared CHIMEX 235 mixture is applied by brush or trowel as two or three layers. Brush application direction in each layer must be perpendicular to each other. Minimum 5 - 6 hours and maximum 24 hours, must be waited after first coat application at +20°C. Second layer must be applied before the first layer is not completely dry. In case the first layer is dry, the surface must be moisturized again before the application of the second layer. The surface must be protected from sunlight and prevented from drying quickly, for 3 days after the application of the second layer. It is recommended to use a mesh between the layers. Using mesh increases the reinforcing properties of the product. It gains mechanical strength in 3 days, becomes waterproof in 7 days. It gains final strength in 14 days. Ambient and substrate temperature should be between +5°C to +35°C during the application. Also application should not be made in very hot, rainy or windy weathers.


1,25 - 1,5 kg/m² is applied on each layer. It is recommended that at least 2 coats. Recommended 3 coats if required high protection.


35 kg set Component

A: 25 kg kraft bag Component

B: 10 kg plastic drum

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