Epoxy-Acrylate Based Chemical Anchor - EPOX 307

Epoxy-Acrylate Based Chemical Anchor - EPOX 307

EPOX 307


EPOX 307 is an epoxy acrylate based chemical anchor for building anchor applications.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Holes or channels must be drilled into the existing concrete. Dust in these holes or channels must be removed.

Application Method

Remove the cap of the cartridge and cut the foil. Place the static mixer on the top of the cartridge. Place the product in standard cartridge gun. Drill a hole suitable diameter for the anchorage rod (by using a driller) Clean the hole from dust, grease and dirt by using a brush or air flow. Dispense the product until it becomes completely grey (about 10–15 cm) and don’t use unmixed part. The product is filled until 2/3 of the hole. Place the anchorage rod to be fastened rotating. Product’s curing must complete for service to open.


Depends on usage area.


300 ml cartridge 345 ml cartridge

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