Prime C 1/7 Concentrated Primer - PRIME C 1/7

Prime C 1/7 Concentrated Primer - PRIME C 1/7

Prime c 1/7


Acrylic copolymer based concentrated primer with high penetration and adherence.

Application Areas


Surface Preparation

Application surface should be solid, clean, dry and in a self supporting condition. It should be clean off the dust after sanding the plaster and the similar surfaces.


PRIME C 1/7 Concentrated Primer should be diluted with water in the ratio of 1/7 (1 cup of primer is thinned with 7 cups of water), then applied on the surface with using brush or roller. During application the surface and ambient temperature should be between +5°C and +30°C. The surface should be protected from frost. After applied the primer, minimum 4 hours should be waited for topcoat. Protect from rain, freezing and continuous high humidity until completely dry. Do not the use the Primers for isolation purpose and/or on the solvent based topcoat/primer.


0,015 - 0,025 L / m² for one coat


15 L / 2,5 L plastic bucket

Storage and Shelf Life

Can be stored for 2 years in a cool place by protecting against frost and direct sun light in its unopened package. Keep container closed when not in used.

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