Primer for Polysulphide Based Materials - PS PRIMER

Primer for Polysulphide Based Materials - PS PRIMER


PS PRIMER is a fast curing, transparent, solvent based, single component bonding agent and strengthener for the flanks of joints. It is used as primer for the subsequent application of JOINTPAST PS-V and PS-H. The material is humidity- curing. It binds the dust and is resistant to saponification. Its low viscosity enables it to penetrate a few millimeters deep into the substrate and thus act stabilizing and strengthening.

Fields of Application

PS PRIMER is a bonding agent for polysulphide based joint sealants and products.

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

The substrate has to be free of silicone and dry as well as free of loose particles, oil and grease. For cleaning substrates, we recommend the use of dirt- and grease solving water- and solvent-based cleaning agents, if necessary hot steam cleaning, light grinding or roughening by sandblasting.

Application Method

PS PRIMER is applied with roller or brush in the joints. Primer should be dried to apply JOINTPAST PS polysulphide sealants on the joint.


0,150 – 0,250 kg/m2


1 lt plastic case

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