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Acrylic emulsion-based, silicone added, ready to use colored plaster. 1,5 thickness and 2 mm thickness application types are available.

Application Areas

Applied as a final coating on exterior thermal insulation systems and on facades of all buildings.


  • Applicable on exterior thermal insulation systems.
  • Allows the substrate to breath.
  • Resistant to external factors.
  • Water- repellant.
  • Resistant to weathering conditions and water.

Surface Preparation

The surface should be clean, dry, smooth and sound. The substrate failure should be repaired with EXPAST Acrylic Exterior Paste and waited 72 hours for curing.


In order to provide better adhesion on the substrate, PRIME-EX Exterior Primer is applied until surface of saturation. DECOPUTZ Decorative Coating should be mixed until it reaches a homogenous state. DECOPUTZ Decorative Coating should be spread on the substrate with stainless steel or plastic trowel uniquely. The application thickness should be adjusted according to the biggest pattern stone. Patterns should be applied on the substrate with circular movements with plastic trowel.


1,5 mm thickness application 2,5 - 3 kg / m²

2 mm thickness application 3,5 - 4 kg / m²


25 kg plastic bucket

Storage and Shelf Life

1 year as of the production date in dry and moisture-free environment provided that packages will not be opened. Package should be kept tightly closed when not in use. Package should be protected against frost.

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