Expast Acrylic Exterior Paste - EXPAST

Expast Acrylic Exterior Paste - EXPAST



Acrylic copolymer based, ready to use, flexible, filler and smoother paste for exterior surfaces.

Application Areas


Surface Preparation

The surfaces should be in a solid, clean and dry state. PRIME – EX Exterior Primer applied on the surface with brush or roller until substrate of saturation.


Paste should be applied 2 coats. Recommended that, PRIME – EX Exterior Primer should be applied on first coat paste application.


PRIME EX Exterior Primer 0,090 - 0,140 L / m²

EXPAST Acrylic Exterior Paste 0,700 - 1,500 kg / m²


25 kg / 5 kg plastic bucket

Storage and Shelf Life

Can be stored for 1 year in a cool place by protecting against frost and direct sun light in its unopened package.

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