Waterbased Intumescent Paint - ANTI-FIRE WB

Waterbased Intumescent Paint - ANTI-FIRE WB



BAUMERK ANTI-FIRE WB is a water based fire resistant paint that designed for especially for concrete, wood, structural steel at interior and exterior locations. It creates an insulation layer that retard the heating of applied surface by expanding itself during a fire. It protects the surface up to 3 hours.

Application Areas

Feature and Benefits

Preparation of substrate

Application surfaces should be clean off the rust, dirt and moisture. Old painted surfaces should be sanded and cleaned. Surface cracks must be filled with suitable pastes. Application surface must be clear off lime. Anti-corrosion primer is recommended on steel surfaces. Paint can be used as primer after diluted 1:1 ratio with water for other substrates.


Paint is ready to use. BAUMERK ANTI-FIRE WB is applied on the application surface with using a roller or airless spray machine. Multi layers application can be done. Next layer should be done after getting 50 Shore D hardness of first layer. Maximum film thickness is 1 mm. Recommended film thickness is 500-700 micron as wet. Water based top coat must be applied after getting full curing.


18 kg bucket

Shelf Life

12 months in original, unopened package


Store in dry area between +5°C and +35°C. Protect from heat, freezing and direct sunlight.

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