HDPE Based, Protective Drainage Dimple Board - DRAIN-B

HDPE Based, Protective Drainage Dimple Board - DRAIN-B



DRAIN-B is high density polyethylene (HDPE) based, plant roots and decay resistance drainage dimple board to protect curtain walls against water and moisture by separated from the earth. It is produced as 400, 500 and 600 gr/m²

Fields of Application

It is used for the protect water and heat insulation systems which applied on foundation and curtain wall of buildings.

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Application Method

DRAIN-B is inserted as 15 cm above from the waterproofing layer and bubbles it has faced with application surface. DRAIN-B is immobilised on the application surface as 20 cm distance or engaged on the surface with pressure profile. Waterproofing surface must be protected during the montage. At least 20 cm overlapping and additional fastening equipment is need on the plate joint areas.


400 g/m2  2m x 20m 

500 g/m2  2m x 20m 

600 g/m2  2m x 20m

DRAIN-B GEO The drainage dimple board, prevents waste space of surrounding the bubble with its integrated geotextile cover. It has high drainage capacity. The air gap between the bubbles ensures safe drainage of flowing water and protect the structure. Drainage dimple board has high  compression strength and important technical features in tunnel and foundation applications. DRAIN B GEO drainage dimple board; preferred in under roads, parking areas, bridges and garages because of high drainage performance.

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