Heatproof Heat Resistant Paint - HEATPROOF

Heatproof Heat Resistant Paint - HEATPROOF



Silicone based, aluminum pigmented added, high hiding power capacity, heat resistant topcoat.

Application Areas

Can be used for all metal types that needed high heat resistance such as chimney, stoves, exhaust pipes.


Surface Preparation

Application surfaces should be clean off the rust, dirt and moisture.Old painted surfaces should be sanded and cleaned.


Paint should be applied on the substrate as dry film thickness 10 -15 µ by brush or airless spray gun for each coat. Minimum 12 hours curing needed for each coat. Ensure the curing of the paint before set into operation of the system and increase the temperature slowly.


0,085 - 0,100 L / m² for single coat


15 L metal pail

Storage and Shelf Life

Shelf life is 1 year in a cool place by protecting against frost and direct sun light in its unopened package.

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