Granico Mineral Coating - GRANICO

Granico Mineral Coating - GRANICO



Acrylic emulsion based, thin grain content, textured topcoat for exterior surfaces.

Application Areas


Surface Preparation

PRIME-EX Exterior Primer applied by using brush or roller. Surface defects such as cracks, pits etc. should be filled with EXPAST Acrylic Exterior Paste.


GRANICO Mineral Coating should be applied 2 coats with special spray machine. 1 bucket GRANICO Mineral Coating is diluted with 2 kg. water for first coat. After dry the first coat, 1 bucket GRANICO Mineral Coating can be diluted with 0-2 kg. water for second coat application depends on desire of the texture appearance.


PRIME-EX Exterior Primer 0,090 - 0,140 L / m²

GRANICO Mineral Coating 1,200 - 2,000 kg / m²


25 kg plastic bucket

Storage and Shelf Life

1 year as of the production date in dry and moisture-free environment provided that packages will not be opened. Package should be kept tightly closed when not in use. Package should be protected against frost.

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