Waterproofing Tape with Non-woven - PH 127 K

Waterproofing Tape with Non-woven - PH 127 K

PH 127 K


PH 127 K is a TPE based with special coated non-woven, waterproofing elastic tape to use on joints and corners: flexible in the crosswise, solid in the lengthwise and thermoplastic in the middle.

Substrate: Polypropylene non-woven, for perfect bonding to all kinds of adhesives and liquid sealings.

Coating: Thermoplastic elastomere, resistant to ageing.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Application Method

After applying the waterproofing materials first coat PH 127 K’s side flanks placed on the surface while the surface is still wet. Tape lightly pressed with trowel or brush into waterproofing material. While applying second coat, tape should be covered up with waterproofing material. Avoid the contact of waterproofing material from tape’s rubber part.


Width: 120 mm

Length: 50 m/roll

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