Bitumen Based, Elastic Fillet Tape - PH 55

Bitumen Based, Elastic Fillet Tape - PH 55


PH 55 is a bitumen-rubber based, elastomeric fillet tape in triangle form to shape interior edges at horizontal and vertical structure parts for insulation applications.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

The application area should be dry and clean. To obtain better adhesion, the concrete surfaces should be primed with B PR 101 and metal surface should be primed with B PR 102.

Application Method

Cut the tape to required length. Protective polyethylene foil is melted by welding torch or burner. Press the tape to corner securely. The insulation application can proceed further instantly.


It depends on dimensions of the profile.


Dimension; 25x25x35 mm

1,20 m/bar

44 bars/box (52,8 m)

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