What Is A Green Roof? How to Build A Green Roof?

What Is A Green Roof? How to Build A Green Roof?

The green roof, also known as the living roof, is a roof system with vegetative layers. The green roof system is designed to be entirely or partially covered with the plant.

Today, with the increasing population, there has been an incredible increase in housing. Due to the high population, more and higher buildings were built and, unfortunately, green areas decreased. This has pushed the new projects to be more compact for people, and the buildings have to provide maximum social facilities in small areas.

Systems called green roofs have begun to be made on the roofs of buildings that do not have green areas. So what are the advantages of having a green roof and how to build a green roof?

Benefits of Green Roof

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In addition to the aesthetic benefits of green roofs, which create a natural living space for people on the roof of buildings, there are also environmental, health, and cost advantages. For the green roof system to be long-lasting and not to adversely affect the waterproofing of the building, it should be designed with the right materials.

When it comes to the cost advantage of the green roof system that can be made on the roof of the buildings, the first example that comes to mind is to improve the water quality due to the decrease in the flow of rainwater and the less overflow of the combined sanitary and rainwater sewage systems.

Besides, reduced energy consumption is one of the other benefits of green roofs. On the other hand, rainwater management costs are reduced thanks to the green roof. In addition, green roofs are more durable than traditional roofs, so they increase the time to change the roof.

Biodiversity-promoting living space, improved air quality, better sound insulation on the upper floors of the buildings are other main advantages of having a green roof. In addition to these, green roof application, installation and maintenance also create job opportunities in urban agriculture areas.

Green Roof Layers

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Since green roofs are systems to be constructed on a concrete surface, unlike ground soil, such as a garden, their installation is so specific. Their installation is completed in several layers and by selecting special products. So what are the green roof layers?

A green roof system typically consists of 4 components:

1. First of all, an insulation layer is used to protect the building from water leaks, which also acts as a water and plant roots resistant root barrier.

2. Possible puddles are prevented by placing a drainage layer, usually made of light gravel, clay, or plastic, on the insulation layer.

3. As a top layer, a geotextile or filter mat should be laid, which allows water to be absorbed but also prevents the erosion of fine soil particles.

4. After all these waterproofing processes, a growing environment, that is, plants can be planted.

How to Make Green Roof?

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Green roof construction is a detailed process. Each layer must be completed carefully and using the right product. Otherwise, these systems, which will be exposed to external factors such as rain and snow, affect the waterproofing of the building and cause irreversible results.

You must have a good waterproofing system to experience the green roof. Baumerk offers you all the waterproofing solutions you need in green roof installation. Therefore, when you plan to have a green roof, you should remember that you can safely choose Baumerk's waterproofing products.

Baumerk Green Series Bituminous Membranes are one of the best solutions to protect the building from water leaks. These products are APP (Atactic Polypropylene) or SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) modified. In addition, they contain special anti-root additives. These plastomeric or elastomeric waterproof membranes have a non-woven polyester felt backing and are covered with a polyethylene film on both sides.

Baumerk DRAIN-B is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) based drainage board that is resistant to plant roots and rot. You should choose Baumerk DRAIN-B to protect curtain walls against water and moisture.

Another useful solution for a green roof is Baumerk's GEOTEXTILE product. It is a non-woven textile product produced by needling pure polypropylene or pure polyester-based fibers and applying heat treatment.

After choosing the right product for green roofing, the application steps can be started. It should not be forgotten that the correct product chosen should be applied correctly. For the green roof system to be long-lasting and not to adversely affect the waterproofing of the building, it should be designed with the right material choices.

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