What is Renovation? Renovation Plan in 5 Steps

What is Renovation? Renovation Plan in 5 Steps

With the arrival of summer, the warming of the weather reveals the need for people to change or renovate the environment in which they live. Because the cold and rainy weather in winter does not provide ideal conditions for renovations to be made at homes or workplaces, renovation works are also postponed to the spring and summer months.

The warm weather in the spring and summer months provides better conditions for the renovation-repair works. So, what kind of process do we understand when we say renovation works? What is renovation?

What is Renovation?

The dictionary meaning of the word "renovation" is "change". While this change sometimes reveals a new structure and formation, sometimes it covers repair processes.

Accordingly, while people are modifying their homes and workplaces in line with their needs, sometimes they also need renovations for old buildings that do not fulfill usage functions.

How to Make Home Renovation?

house renovation

Although the renovation processes for homes and workplaces are similar in some points, there are also significant differences according to the size and purpose of use of workplaces.

For example, home renovations generally include repairs such as painting, kitchen, and bathroom installations, while renovations to workplaces require fire-resistant paints, heavy-duty floor systems that have high chemical and mechanical resistance depending on the purpose of establishment of the workplace.

In house renovation, we usually think of all the processes that can be done about the house, such as painting and whitewashing for the purpose of renovation, the repair of aging installations, or worn-out doors and windows, kitchen bathroom cabinets, parquet floor, heat, and water insulation systems. These operations may be a renewal or repair operation.

Baumerk's water-based paints offer low-cost and high-performance for renovations with a wide range of colors designed separately for interior and exterior spaces. Water-based acrylic that has water-based acrylic polymer chemistry, which is an environment and human-health-friendly, easy-to-apply paints with a high aesthetic appearance, is frequently preferred in home renovation processes.

You can click here to learn the differences between interior and exterior paints.

How is Workplace Renovation Made?

workplace renovation

At the office or larger workplace, renovation processes are similar to those at home basically. In this direction, while the floor coverings, wall paints, and installation processes are carried out in the office area, however, high-performance products are required in areas such as factories.

High-performance flooring materials, coatings with high chemical resistance, anti-dust chemicals, materials resistant to heavy loads are needed in factory areas. These materials should be robust, long-lasting, high-performance features, and not be affected by external weather conditions.

In the floor coverings category of Baumerk Construction Chemicals, polyurethane, epoxy, cement-based floor covering materials designed for industrial use offer products suitable for workplace renovation processes.

Baumerk is able to offer the most suitable solution for the needs of the user, thanks to its wide range of products with different chemical content. With its high-performance products, it has building materials that can be used safely in places such as factories, loading areas, aircraft hangars, warehouses, and hospitals for floor coverings.

How Should Choose Material for Full Renovation?

full renovation plan

Since the steps to be taken for home and workplace renovation will be different, the materials to be used in renovation-repair works should also be different. You can contact the experienced team of Baumerk the construction chemicals specialist for the best renovation materials for your needs.

Renovation Planning in 5 Steps

1. Which renovation work should be done is determined in line with the needs of the home or workplace.

2. The cost of completing the renovation process should be calculated and the budget should be determined.

3. A rational timing plan should be drawn up for all renovation-repair processes.

4. Required renovation materials should be supplied. To get the desired efficiency in buildings, it is extremely important to choose quality materials at this stage.

5. When the renovation process starts, it should be ensured that it is progressed according to the timetable.