Bitumen Based, Self Adhesive, Waterproofing Tape - B-SELF TAPE AL

Bitumen Based, Self Adhesive, Waterproofing Tape - B-SELF TAPE AL



B-SELF TAPE AL is a bitumen based, cold applicable, one side coated with aluminum foil or colored mineral, other side is adhesive waterproofing tape.

Fields of Application

It provides waterproofing with adhering on different substrates such as wood, metal, glass, plaster, concrete etc.


Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application surface must be dry, clean and clean off materials which prevent bonding, such as dust, oil, rust and remove loose pieces. High absorbent surfaces such as concrete, plaster, chipboard must be primed with B PR 101 bituminous based primer.

Application Method

Peel the removable film layer of B-SELF TAPE AL and pressed firmly sticky surface on substrate. Tape should be fully contact with the substrate by pressing its every point on application surface.


Width: 5-7,5-10-15-20-30-60 cm 

Length: 10 m Thickness: 1,0 mm or 1,5 mm (another sizes are available)

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