Stamped Concrete Surface Hardener - FH STAMP

Stamped Concrete Surface Hardener - FH STAMP



FH STAMP is a cement based, quartz aggregate, colored stamped concrete hardener that resistant to abrasion and chalking. It can be applied on fresh concrete surface as monolithic.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application must be started after disappear of the water on fresh concrete surface.

Application Method

Colored FH STAMP is spreaded approximately 4-5 kg/m² on the surface. It must be polished on the surface with using special trowel. After the coloring process is completed, waited until get plastic consistency by draining the water into the concrete. FH RELEASE AGENT antique effect powder are applied on whole surface to form a thin layer as 200 g/m² . After spread the FH RELEASE AGENT on the surface, polyurethane based decorative concrete molds are placed on the concrete surface consecutively and without any gap. Figure of the molds are transferred into the concrete with welting by a pounder. Depends on weathering conditions after 1 or 2 days later, firstly RELEASE AGENT is swept out and then surface must be washed with pressure water until get desired appearance. A part of the FH RELEASE AGENT is stayed into the joints and gaps during the application, it is formed an antique and natural appearance on the surface. Joints must be cut within 1-3 days. After get dry of the washed surface, FH SHINER is applied 2 layers with using roller or spray gun as 300-400 g/m² . Surface color and surface are protected from acid, base, solvents, chemicals and UV lights with this process.


4 - 5 kg/m²


25 kg kraft bag

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