Polyurethane Based, Two Component, Aliphatic Top Coat - PU TOP 210

Polyurethane Based, Two Component, Aliphatic Top Coat - PU TOP 210


PU TOP 210 is a two component, aliphatic polyurethane based, interior and exterior top coat for concrete and metal surfaces, low viscosity, UV resistant, featuring a glossy or matt surface appearance, self levelling coating.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

The application surface must be durable, dry, clean and clean off materials which prevent bonding, such as dust, oil, rust and remove loose pieces. The residual moisture content of the substrate must not exceed 4%. Big pores and cracks should be repaired with suitable BAUMERK repair mortar. Surface preparation completed concrete surface should be primed with appropriate BAUMERK primers and epoxy or polyurethane application should be done, then PU TOP 210 will be ready for final coat application.


Prior to mixing, stir part A and B separately with a mechanical drill at a very low speed. B component is poured into A component under low speed mixer, they are mixed together during 3 minutes until there remains no lump, getting homogenous mixture. After the mixing, prepared mixture can be applied on a surface, which is already primed with appropriated BAUMERK primer, with a brush, roller or spray gun. Mixture must be used within 40 minutes. Maximum 100 micron wet film thickness have to be applied for each layer. Two coats application is sufficient. Depending on the weathering conditions, second layer should be applied 2 hours later.


150-200 gr/m2 for each layer


A component  + B component  = 20 kg set

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