Cement Based, Fire Resistant Mortar - REPAMERK 425

Cement Based, Fire Resistant Mortar - REPAMERK 425


REPAMERK 425 is a cement based, containing special additives, hydraulic binders and low weighted aggregates which suitable use in interior and exterior walls to fire resistant and thermal acoustic insulation need areas.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Concrete surface must be sound, clean and dry. Surface must be clean off dust, dirt, rust, oil and all contaminants. If there is a water leakage, it must be drained or properly plugged. Concrete surfaces must be saturated with water before application. Immediately before pouring, surface should be wetted, then remove all excess or standing water from within any formwork.

Application Method

10 kg REPAMERK 425 is poured into 6-6.5 L water and mix for 3-4 minutes under low speed mixer until having a homogenous consistency. Let the mortar have rest for 4 minutes and re-mix for 30 seconds. Prepared mortar should be applied within 30 minutes in 20°C. REPAMERK 425 is applied on the surface by using a trowel. For outdoor application at least 3 hours surface should be protected from sunlight, rain and frost.


0,83 kg powder for 1mm / 1m2


10 kg kraft bag

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