Cement-Acrylic Based, Self-levelling High Performance Floor Coating - SELFING 315

Cement-Acrylic Based, Self-levelling High Performance Floor Coating - SELFING 315



SELFING 315 is a cementitious acrylic based, steel fibre-reinforced, self levelling, two component, applied with 4-8 mm thickness, high abrasion resistance and elastic industrial floor coating material.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

The surface must be dry, sound, moisture free and clear of materials which prevent bonding, such as dust, oil, paint, silicone, curing agents and detergents. Surface temperature should be minumum +10°C. Loose materials on the surface must be removed; cracks on surface must be repaired by proper BAUMERK repair mortar. The prepared substrate should be wetted with water get uniformly saturation, leaving any standing water on surface. Cold joint and small cracks (up to 1 mm) can be filled with SELFING 315.

Application Method

Part B should be poured into a clean mixed bucket, Part A is added on Part B under electrical mixer. Mixture is stirred 3-5 minutes until get a homogenous mixture. SELFING 315 mixture should be applied as a primer on substrate with bristle brush for obtaining excellent adhesion. Mixture should be applied on wet primer by trowel. After the application, any entrapped air should be released with a spike roller. Under normal conditions, SELFING 315 is ready after 48 hours for pedestrian traffic, after 72 hours for car traffic. 7 days must be waited for heavy traffic conditions.


9,5 kg/m² mixture is used for getting 5 mm thickness.


Total 33 kg set 

Component A: 25 kg powder 

Component B: 8 kg liquid

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