UV Resistant, Acrylic-Based, Waterproofing and Heat Insulation Material - SOLARCOAT

UV Resistant, Acrylic-Based, Waterproofing and Heat Insulation Material - SOLARCOAT


SOLARCOAT is UV resistant, acrylic based, single component, elastic waterproofing and heat insulation material that used for reducing the interior temperature of the buildings with reflecting radiant heat energy and minimize the surface temperature with its micro-spherical ceramic particles. Through heat ceramic micro-spheres contained in the product, the protection system provides energy saving up to 25-30%. The sun’s rays reflecting back 95%. The UV’s rays reflecting back 85%.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

The application surface must be clean and dry and free from grease, rust, dirt, mold, etc. Cracks and loose parts must be repaired. For obtain better adhesion, surface should be sanded. Surface should be primed with using SPR 104, for better adhesion and saturation of high absorbent surface. Metal surface should be primed with anti-rust primers.

Application Method

Application surface should be primed with proper primer and then waited drying. SOLARCOAT should be applied with brush, roller or airless spray gun as two or more layers. Waited 4-8 hours between the coats. After the application of last coat, surface should be dried within 24 hours and protected from direct sun light, wind, frost and rain in this time. In large areas, surface should be divided by masking tape to obtain more uniform appearance.


1,30 – 1,80 kg/m2 for 2 layers.


20 kg plastic bucket

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