Acrylic Based, Multipurpose Primer - SPR 104

Acrylic Based, Multipurpose Primer - SPR 104


SPR 104 is an acrylic based, single component primer for absorbent and porous substrates. It can be applied as a primer before many acrylic material application.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application surface must be fully cured and dry. The surface must be clean and clean off dust, dirt, wax, oil, grease, paint based products and other contaminants. Smooth surfaces must be sanded and obtained a rough surface.

Application Method

SPR 104 is ready to use. Before the application, stir well and applied with brush or roller. Only porous concrete surfaces should be primed with SPR 104. In hot and windy days, surface should be damp before the application for preventing fast drying. Surface must be coated within 24 hours after applied SPR 104. If the area is left uncovered for more than 6 hours, it must be wiped down with clean water to remove site dirt and dust before over coating.


0,100 – 0,200 kg/m2 for each coat.


5 kg plastic drum

20 kg plastic drum

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