Liquid Surface Hardener, Dusting Preventive and Polisher - LH 230

Liquid Surface Hardener, Dusting Preventive and Polisher - LH 230

LH 230


LH 230 is lithium silicate based, capillary effected, low viscosity, liquid surface hardener that protects the surface from dusting and abrasion by being applied on concrete and cement based floors. It penetrates deeply into the surface zone of the concrete and cementitious screeds and reacts to form insoluble calcium silicate hydrate in existing pores.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application surface must be dry, clean and clean off materials which prevent bonding, such as dust, oil, rust and remove loose pieces.

Application Method

LH 230 is ready to use material. It should be applied on the fresh concrete or screed surface with using brush, trowel or spray gun uniformly. It must be applied as one layer with filling all the porous. Surface should be looked wet within 15-20 minutes after application. If surface is dried quickly, one more layer application might be needed. The treated surface is ready to use after 1-2 hours. The final strength is achieved after 7 days.


For smooth surface; 0,100 - 0,200 kg/m²

For concrete surface with dryshake; min. 0,200 kg/m²


30 kg plastic drum

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