Bitumen-Rubber Based, Hot Applied, Joint Filler - BMAST 100

Bitumen-Rubber Based, Hot Applied, Joint Filler - BMAST 100



Bitumen-rubber based, highly elastomeric, hot applied mastic for both horizontal and vertical uses.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application surface must be dry, clean and clean off materials which prevent bonding, such as dust, oil, rust and remove loose pieces. Primers should be applied on the surface to provide excellent adhesion, avoid dust and improve durability. B PR 101 is recommended for non-metal surfaces, B PR 102 is used for metallic surfaces as primer.

Application Method

After BMAST 100 is heated up to approximately 160-180°C, mixed thoroughly and poured into joints. Exterior surfaces under traffic should be sandblasting. Surface will be ready to use after 1 hour. If the product is overheated or heated up and cooled for a few times, material will be spoiled and cannot be recovered.


1,17 kg/lt


17 kg metal can

18 kg cardboard box

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