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Bonding Agent for Plaster on Fair Faced Concrete Surfaces - BRUT PR

Bonding Agent for Plaster on Fair Faced Concrete Surfaces - BRUT PR



BRUT PR is a polymer modified resin-based primer with quartz granular that is developed for increasing adhesion and durability before applying plaster and cement based plaster on the smooth surfaces like fair faced concrete, wall and ceiling concrete surfaces, ceiling and wall.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application surface must be durable, sound, cured, dry, clear and clean off the contaminant such as dirt, dust, rust, oil etc.

Application Method

4-6 lt water is slowly poured into the 12 kg BRUT PR under low speed mixture. Mixture must be stirred during 3-4 minutes until homogenous state is obtained. Diluted BRUT PR is should be applied with using lambskin roller on the surface as one layer. Cement or gypsum based plasters should be applied on it after 24 hours. Application temperature should be between +5°C to 35°C and surface should be dry.


0.150 - 0.250 kg/m² depends on surface absorbency.


12 kg plastic bucket

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