Surface Hardener and Shiner Material for Cement Based Surfaces - LH 130

Surface Hardener and Shiner Material for Cement Based Surfaces - LH 130

LH 130


LH 130 is sodium silicate based, capillary effect, liquid surface hardener for all kind of cement based surfaces. It penetrates deeply into the surface zone of the concrete and provides permanent hardness.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application surface must be solid, sound and clean off materials which prevent bonding, such as dust, oil, paint, curing materials, detergent, grease, silicon etc. Any water accumulation is not on the surface and surface should be able to take foot traffic.

Application Method

LH 130 is ready to use material. It should be applied on the fresh concrete or screed surface with using spray gun or direct pouring uniformly. Surface should be looked wet within 30 minutes after application. If surface is dried quickly, one more layer application might be needed. After this time, surface is processed by a surface cleaner machine or a soft-hair broom/brush until a jell-like form is achieved on the surface during 30 minutes. This process makes deeply penetration into the concrete. After that surface is rewetted and process is applied again with using soft-hair broom/brush until slippery/jell like form is obtained. After the application ends, the surface is rewet and excess material is removed from the surface. After the application, there is no any slippery areas. According to weathering conditions, the treated surface is ready to use after 1-2 hours. The final strength is achieved after 7 days. Last brightness is achieved 30-90 days.


0,200 - 0,400 kg/m² according to surface absorbency.


30 kg plastic drum

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