Invisible Water Repellent and Surface Impregnating Material - SILOX

Invisible Water Repellent and Surface Impregnating Material - SILOX


SILOX is a solvent and silane-siloxane based, single component, surface impregnating and priming material which provides an invisible waterproof barrier in capillaries it is applied.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

The application surface must be clean and dry and free from grease, rust, dirt, mold, etc. Cracks and loose parts must be repaired. The surface to be treated for water insulation must be inclined downstream. Building elements such as window frames or panels must be protected during application.

Application Method

SILOX surface impregnating material should be applied by using brush, roller or spray gun. It must be applied with saturation technique, coat after coat, without waiting for the former coat to dry up and at least two coats. Topcoats must be applied on the SILOX after 24 hours.


0,200 – 0,600 kg/m2 for each layer depending on absorbency of the surface.


3,5 kg metal can

15 kg metal can

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