Acrylic Polymer Based, Swelling Waterstop - SWELLBAND A

Acrylic Polymer Based, Swelling Waterstop - SWELLBAND A



SWELLBAND A is an acrylic polymer based sealing material that swell in contact with water.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

The surface must be clean and dry. It must not be applied to wet, frozen, greasy or dusty surfaces, and under wet weather conditions. SWELLBAND A should be protected from humidity and rain before the application.

Application Method

Roll out required amount of SWELLBAND ASUPER TACK 290 is placed in the middle of the joints and SWELLBAND A is glued on it and fixed on the surface. Place seams side by side or end to end; do not overlap. Make sure waterstop covers all parts of the surface, especially for surfaces which are not perfect in shape. Placed to concrete in a controlled. Protect the surface from water until placed the concrete. It is not suitable for the movement joints.


Depends on application areas.


5 mm x 20 mm - 20 m/box

10 mm x 20 mm - 10 m/box

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