Calcium Sulphate Based Self-levelling Floor Screed (10-60 mm) - SELFING 725

Calcium Sulphate Based Self-levelling Floor Screed (10-60 mm) - SELFING 725


SELFINF 725 is a calcium sulphate based, self levelling flooring compound to create even and homogenous floors that can be applied indoor application with 10-60 mm thickness.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

The application surface must be free of materials such as molding oils, dust, paints, dirt, detergents that prevent bonding. Application surface moisture rate shall not exceed 4% and the floor

shall have compressive strength of minimum 15 MPa. Proper primers should be used before the application. It is recommended to use edge strips in screed applications to prevent the mortar from leaking out and to absorb the expansion in the floor.

Application Method

20 kg SELFING 725 is slowly poured into the 4,4 liters water under low speed mixture for 3-5 minutes until homogenous mixture is obtained. The mixture is allowed to rest 3 minutes and then after mixing for 1 minute the product is ready to use. Spread it uniformly as intended thickness. Application have to be done within 60 minutes. Do not add water during the setting time. Application and surface temperature must be between +5°C to +35°C.

Application thickness according to surface types:


1,7 kg/m2/mm. Recommended coating thickness is 10-60 mm.


20 kg kraft bag

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