TPE Based, Elastic Dilatation Tape - TPE FLEX

TPE Based, Elastic Dilatation Tape - TPE FLEX



TPE FLEX is highly elastic dilatation tape used for insulation of dilatation gaps, thermal expansion joints and cracks.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

The application area must be durable, sound, dry, clean and clean off dust, dirt, rust, oil and all contaminants. Surface defects should be repaired by EPOX 220REPAMERK 1 cement based repair mortar or EPOX 310 epoxy repair mortar.

Application Method

A and B components of EPOX 220 must be stirred under low speed mixture during 2-3 minutes until homogenous mixture is obtained. Then applied on both sides of the dilation approximately 1/1,5 mm thickness and 40/50 mm width by trowel or spatula. Dilatation tape is cut in suitable sizes. Inset parts overlap and pasted with hot air gun. Before first floor epoxy adhesive get dry, dilatation tape is applied by using pressure on the epoxy. Second floor epoxy adhesive is installed as 1/1,5mm thickness after first floor get dry. During this time be careful of putting epoxy adhesive into the middle of the dilatation band. Do not move TPE FLEX expansion tape until epoxy adhesive get dry and protect it against water and mechanic impacts. Adhesive dry time could be change according to the warm and cold weather conditions. If conditions are under +5°C do not make installation.


Depends on application area.


table showing the thickness, length and width of a product

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