Do You Exactly Know Everything About Waterproofing in Buildings?

Do You Exactly Know Everything About Waterproofing in Buildings?

Concrete is a porous material containing capillary tracts, macro, and micro-cracks in it, however, it seems like an impermeable solid. These capillary tracts and cracks are consists of some hydrated and un-hydrated cement particles. When concrete is wetted, water penetrates the concrete by following capillary tracts. That’s why you need waterproofing in buildings.

The calcium hydroxide and cement hydration products in the concrete react with the ions in the water which enters into the concrete by capilları tracts, this chemical reaction affects the strength and corrosion performance of the concrete and cause a hollow structure. Concrete waterproofing additives are the most effective solutions to prevent this reaction which decreases the performance of concrete and affects the strength of buildings.

Water penetration throughout the concrete damages the building irreversibly. For this reason, always waterproofing material needed for preventing the water effect on concrete. The crystalline waterproofing in buildings is a new technology for waterproofing. Crystalline waterproofing chemistry reacts with the materials on the cement matrix to form small mineral-based structures that seem to the crystal that is insoluble in water.

When BAUMERK Crystalline Waterproofing Concrete Admixtures applied on the concrete surface, they penetrate concrete throughout the capillary tracks. Due to the special active ingredients in them, they react with the by-products of cement hydration and un-hydrated cement particles to begin crystallization in the capillary tracts to create a water-resistant barrier.

Crystallization is growth into the concrete until the capillary cavity becomes filled. In this way, concrete is permanently waterproofed with BAUMERK Crystalline Waterproofing Concrete Admixtures, even against extreme hydrostatic pressure.

How Can You Provide Stronger Waterproofing in Buildings?

It is possible with new generation products of BAUMERK Waterproofing System for waterproofing in buildings. Liquid or powder forms BAUMERK’s waterproofing crystalline admixtures form crystal fiber on the capillary gaps of concrete to provide permanent water impermeability.

The crystalline waterproofing technology can be classified on the basis of method or type of application. The first one is the direct application on the surface of the concrete structure. The second method comprises the direct mixing of waterproofing materials with the concrete batch, as an admixture. The third method is the application of dry crystalline waterproofing powder on the uncured concrete surface.

The most commonly used method is mixing as an admixture. BAUMERK CRYSTAL C 320 and BAUMERK PW 25 are admixture forms of crystal waterproofing products. They are added to cement on the mixture. While BAUMERK CRYSTAL C 320 is a liquid waterproof concrete admixture, BAUMERK CRYSTAL PW 25 is a powder waterproof concrete admixture.

Both products make concrete material waterproof. CRYSTAL C 320 and CRYSTAL PW 25 waterproof concrete admixtures; can be used in all concrete applications, basements, tunnels and dams, precast concrete elements, swimming pools, and underground car parks. There is no harm in the use of concrete, where both non-toxic products are used for isolation, in water tanks, treatment water plants, drinking water, and wastewater tanks.

CRYSTAL C 320 and CRYSTAL PW 25, which are water vapor permeable and allow concrete to breathe, do not require any further waterproofing. Since CRYSTAL C 320 is added to the concrete mixture as a liquid, it can be used easily without the risk of flocculation. One of the biggest advantages of CRYSTAL PW 25 is that it maintains its protective features even when the concrete surface it is applied to is damaged.

Moreover, this waterproofing technology for buildings inhibits the effect of gasses such as CO, CO2, SO2, and NO2, thereby inhibiting or extending the process of carbonation. Another point is BAUMERK Crystalline Waterproofing Concrete Admixtures will be reactive when it is exposed to water. This means that concrete continues to protection during the water interaction.

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