Do You Exactly Know Everything About Waterproofing in Buildings?

Do You Exactly Know Everything About Waterproofing in Buildings?

Although concrete appears to be a solid and impermeable solid material, it is a porous material containing many capillary channels, and macro and micro cracks. These capillary channels and cracks consist of some hydrated and non-hydrated cement particles. When concrete gets wet, water penetrates into the concrete through these capillary channels.

The calcium hydroxide and cement hydration products in the concrete react with the ions in the water that subsequently enters the concrete, adversely affecting the strength and corrosion performance of the concrete and causing a hollow structure. Concrete waterproofing admixture is one of the most effective solutions to prevent this reaction that reduces concrete performance and affects the strength of buildings.

In our article, we have prepared as Baumerk, construction chemicals specialist, we will give detailed answers to the questions of what is concrete waterproofing admixture and how it works. After reading our article, you will easily learn what you should apply for superior waterproofing in your living spaces or building projects and which products are ideal for the best waterproofing.

What is Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing Admixture?

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Exposure of concrete to water and continuous penetration of water into it through capillary channels irreversibly damages the building. Concrete must always be protected from this destructive effect of water. For this reason, buildings need waterproofing. Crystalline waterproofing admixture for concrete is a new technology that provides waterproofing of buildings by the crystallization process. 

Crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture is a chemical additive added to concrete construction materials. This additive is designed to increase the water impermeability of concrete and ensure its durability.

Crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture reacts with the water in the concrete to form special crystals. These crystals fill the pores and micro-cracks in the concrete and prevent water. Thus, the water resistance of concrete increases, and problems such as rotting and freeze-thaw damage are reduced.

This water impermeability additive also increases the mechanical durability of concrete. Crystals strengthen the internal structure of concrete and increase its load-carrying capacity. Thus, the life of the building material is extended and it becomes more durable.

Crystalline concrete waterproofing admixture is an ideal option for structures that are particularly exposed to water. These include water tanks, pools, water treatment plants, bridges, dams, and construction projects with high water contact. It is also used in areas that need to be protected against water, such as underground structures and foundations.

How Does Crystalline Waterproofing Admixture Work?

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Crystalline waterproofing admixture for concrete forms water-insoluble crystals by entering into a chemical reaction with water in capillary channels and cracks in concrete. These crystals increase and expand at every point where water is present, forming a crystalline matrix in the concrete just like a spider web. Thanks to this matrix, the structure is protected from water that will damage the concrete. 

When BAUMERK Crystalline Waterproofing Concrete Admixtures are applied to the concrete surface, they penetrate into the concrete through capillary channels. Due to their special active ingredients, they react with the cement to start crystallizing in the capillary channels to form a water-resistant barrier.

For proper waterproofing, the crystallization must grow into the concrete until the capillary space is filled. Concrete is permanently waterproofed against extreme hydrostatic pressure by this chemical process created by BAUMERK Crystalline Concrete Admixtures.

How to Apply Crystalline Concrete Water Admixtures?

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It is possible to have better waterproofing with Baumerk's new-generation concrete waterproofing admixtures. Baumerk waterproofing crystal additives in liquid or powder form provide permanent waterproofing by forming crystal fibers in the capillary gaps in the concrete.

Crystal waterproofing technology can be classified according to method or application type. The first method is direct application to the surface of the concrete structure, while the second method is the direct mixing of waterproofing materials with cement as an additive. The third method is the application of dry crystalline waterproofing powder to the uncured concrete surface.

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The most commonly used method is to add the mixture to the cement in the form of a mixture. Crystalline Waterproofing Liquid Concrete Admixture - CRYSTAL C 320 and Crystalline Waterproofing Powder Concrete Admixture - CRYSTAL PW 25 are added to the cement as admixtures. Crystal C 320 is a waterproof concrete admixture in liquid form, while Crystal PW 25 is a waterproof concrete admixture in powder form.

Baumerk’s waterproof concrete admixtures can be used in all concrete applications, foundations, tunnels and dams, precast concrete elements, swimming pools, and underground car parks. There is no harm in using non-toxic products for insulation in water tanks, treatment water plants, drinking water, and waste water tanks.

Crystal 320 and Crystal PW 25, which are water vapor permeable and allow concrete to breathe, do not require the application of any other waterproofing. Crystal C 320; since it is added to the concrete mixture as a liquid, can be used easily without the risk of caking. One of the biggest advantages of Crystal PW 25 is that it maintains its protective properties even in cases where the concrete surface to which it is applied is damaged.

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Another advantage of crystalline waterproofing is that this technology blocks the effect of gases such as CO, CO2, S02, and N02 thus prolonging or completely eliminating the carbonation process. The revolutionary aspect of crystalline waterproofing is that the protection becomes even stronger in contact with water. Baumerk Crystalline Waterproofing Concrete Admixtures become reactive when exposed to water. This means that the concrete continues to be protected during water interaction.

We have come to the end of our article in which we answered the questions of what is a concrete waterproofing admixture, how it works, and how it is applied. You can take a look at Baumerk construction chemicals to benefit from the benefits provided by crystalline waterproofing materials, and you can contact Baumerk for all technical questions you have in mind.

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