Epoxy Based, Two Component, Moisture Tolerant Primer - EPOX PR 300

Epoxy Based, Two Component, Moisture Tolerant Primer - EPOX PR 300



EPOX PR 300 is an epoxy resin based, two component, low viscosity, high adhesion performance even though on moist concrete and mineral surfaces, solvent free impregnation primer.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application surface must be cleaned off from the contaminant such as dirt, dust, rust, oil etc. Application surface must be scraped to be ready for application.

Application Method

Component A is stirred under low speed drill, then epoxy hardener, component B is added into the component A and mixed together under low speed mixer during 3-4 minutes until homogenous mixture is obtained. For primer applications, prepared mixture is applied on the surface by using roller, brush, trowel or squeegee. It can be used as mortar after mixed with aggregate Application must be done within 30 minutes. According to weathering conditions waiting period between the coats is 10-48 hours. Final curing is done after 7 days. Surface must be protected from water and rain during 24 hours after application.


0,100-0,150 kg/m2


20 kg set

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