Corundum Aggregate, Concrete Surface Hardener - FH KORUND

Corundum Aggregate, Concrete Surface Hardener - FH KORUND



Cement based, corundum aggregate, ready to use ground hardener that applied as a dry powder form to the surface of fresh concrete.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Surface must be roughened before the application. Application surface must be damped. FH KORUND is ideally applied to a surface which is neither too wet nor too dry. EPOX 311 or LATEX is recommended to applied for increasing adhesion between the old and new concretes. Surface hardener materials only improve impact and abrasion resistance on applied surfaces. They do not affect concrete mechanical strength, for this reason concretes always designed for the load to be applied on it. If FH KORUND is applied on a screed, minimum thickness of screed must be above 7 cm, water / cement ratio must be above 0,45 and concrete class must be minimum C25.

Application Method

Before the application, 5x5 cm rectangular shaped concrete should be taken from the joint borders. This space must be filled FH KORUND with diluted water by using trowel. This method prevents the joint borders against breaking under heavy duties. Spreading procedure shall be initiated depending on the environment and weather conditions once a setting not sinking when stepped on the concrete however leaving a 0,5-1,5 cm deep foot print is achieved. Spread the 2/3 of the FH KORUND onto the concrete homogeneously then wait to material absorb moisture from the surface and apparent dark color and ensure integrated material with the surface by polishing. After the first application, spread the remaining 1/3 of the material onto the concrete and continue polishing vertically against the polishing in the first application. Keep polishing the last layer until the desired smoothness is achieved by adjusting the polish and blade angle. Rapid setting shall be prevented by means of spraying water gently and covering the back with folio or cure the surface with CURE PCURE A or CURE R by cutting the cracked control grouts from required points.


4 to 8 kg/m² according to the intended use.


25 kg kraft bag

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