Concrete Antifreeze Admixture - PROGEL-10

Concrete Antifreeze Admixture - PROGEL-10



PROGEL-10 is a safe and chloride free in liquid form concrete antifreeze admixture used for protecting concrete from frost under low temperature by fast curing properties.

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Application Method

PROGEL-10, is added to the gauging water 1-2% by weight of cement at the plant or added on the site into the concrete mixer. For getting homogenous distribution in concrete or mortar, it must be stirred fast during 1-2 minutes. When added separately to the freshly mixed concrete, further mixing should take place for at least 3 minutes. Before being discharged, the concrete must be visually inspected for even consistency.


Between +5°C to -5°C; 1% by weight of cement. Between -5°C to -10°C; 2% by weight of cement.


30 kg plastic drum

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