Reinforcing Purpose, Epoxy Based Injection System - EPOX IN 25

Reinforcing Purpose, Epoxy Based Injection System - EPOX IN 25



EPOX IN 25, is an epoxy based, two component, without filler, injection system that fills and holds together hole and cracks of construction elements with high diffusion property.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Cracks, which became apparent on the surface should be opened with a handheld grinder in a reverse cone shape with the dimensions of 5-10 mm in width and 10-12 mm in depth. Dust and other contaminants must be removed with pressurized air.

Application Method

Packers help EPOX IN 25 epoxy resin to penetrate into the cracks throughout the concrete. Packers are inserted into the holes with a drill. EPOX IN 25 is injected into the packers through the nozzles. Usually drill packers are used. Injection operation is done with special pumps (with single or double heads). EPOX IN 25 should be used with a single headed pump, if applied quickly. Otherwise a double headed pump is necessary. The operation pressure shouldn’t exceed 5 bars. Usually when injection starts through one packer, it continues till EPOX IN 25 comes out of from the closest packer or packers. EPOX IN 25 (epoxy resin) doesn’t move on with the help of pump pressure, it moves with own pressure throughout capillary veins.


Consumption depends on usage area.


A component: 6,67 kg + B component: 3,33 kg = 10 kg set

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