Polyurethane Based, Two Component, Injection Resin - PUR IN 24

Polyurethane Based, Two Component, Injection Resin - PUR IN 24



PUR IN 24 is a polyurethane based, two component injection system which reacts with water quickly and increases system’s volume 10-15 times.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Prior to the injection, the cracks to be worked on are sealed using EPOX 310 repairing mortars. Along the course of the cracks, holes are drilled at a distance of 10 to 15 cm to each other on alternating sides of the crack. Packers are inserted into the injection holes and (if possible) injected proceeding from the bottom to the top. The diameter of the holes depends on the packers used.

Application Method

Component A and B are stirred separately under low speed mixer. Then Component B is added slowly into the Component A under low speed mixer and mixed together approximately 3-4 minutes till a homogenous mixture is obtained. PUR IN 24 is injected using a mechanical pump under low pressure. When low viscosity liquid mixture is applied, it expands rapidly and it becomes a solid foam within approximately 45 seconds.


Consumption depends on usage area.


A component: 25 kg + B component: 2,5kg = 27,5 kg set

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