Epoxy Based, Two Component, Solvent Free Primer - EPOX PR 100

Epoxy Based, Two Component, Solvent Free Primer - EPOX PR 100



EPOX PR 100 is an epoxy based, two component and solvent-free impregnating primer.

Fields of Application

It is suitable for using in BAUMERK brand name floor coating systems as interior and exterior surface primer. Also, it can be used as repair and grout mortar after mixing with aggregate.

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Application surface must be cleaned off the contaminant such as dirt, dust, rust, oil etc. Application surface must be scraped to be ready for application.

Application Method

Component A and B should be mixed by low speed mixture for 3-4 minutes and homogenous mixture is obtained. Mixture should be applied on the surface with using a trowel or roller. EPOX PR 100 can be also used as repair mortar after mixed with aggregate. Application must be protected from direct sun light, wind, frost and rain at least 1 day.


0.200 - 0.400 kg/m²


A component: 13,3 kg + B component: 6,7 kg = 20 kg set

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