Hybrid-Polymer Based, One Component, Waterproofing Material - HYBRID 120

Hybrid-Polymer Based, One Component, Waterproofing Material - HYBRID 120


HYBRID 120 is a hybrid-polymer based, one component, solvent free waterproofing material. HYBRID 120 is a UV resistance, crack bridging property coating material that can be applied even wet surfaces, without primer.

Fields of Application

Features and Benefits

Application Procedure

Preparation of Substrate

Surface must be clean off materials which prevent adhesion such as dust, oil etc. Application surface must be sound and surface defects must be repaired. Smooth, gloss or/and nonabsorbent surfaces must be roughened. On ceramic surface application, material adhesion performance must be checked on surface before the application, the sound of joint material must be checked and if needed they must be repaired.

Application Method

Material is ready to used. Application is done with using brush, roller or airless spray gun at least two coats. Recommended that total thickness is 2 mm for 2 coats application.


1,5 kg/m²/mm


20 kg metal pail

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